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Desc:chumbuckets idea, a quick video edit away.
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Nature & Places
Tags:sorry, police squad!, cwc, Chris-Chan
Submitted:Black Napkins
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Comment count is 12
Black Napkins
Ugh, sync ended up weird, but the point is there.
And that's how Chris ran from the police in the mall.
Hugo Gorilla
Tonight's Episode:

Wicked This Way Comes
"The Scarlet Medallion"
Better editing than I can do, I have no choice but to 5 star.
Oh, my god.
infinite zest
would've been funny if anything happened.
Yeah but then they would've had to use Yakety Sax.

-2 stars due to failure to add police car roof and flashing light.

You will earn back your stars upon completion of this task.
In its Final Form, this clip will have siren sounds and a strategic cut to a locker room full of horrified women when he pushes open the door near the end of the original clip. However, I yield a full five stars of encouragement, with the knowledge that CWCville was not built in a day.
day: made
WTF was that camera attached to?
Hey I'm sorry for calling you a dumb moron in that other video this is pretty good.
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