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Desc:give it a sec
Category:Arts, Advertisements
Tags:keyboard, Ronald Jenkees, itunes, fresh beat
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Comment count is 30
Waoh. I might have discovered an artist. He's got some good stuff.

Welcome to the internet.

dora's cough
Disorganized Fun is a really good record.

i got my brother his two cds for christmas and he was all like, yeeeah booooiii

Needs Ronald Jenkees tag.

Ronald is the man.
So, this is the new Beastie Boy?
my new favorite youtuber.
Needs Ronald Jenkees tag

this man is quite good:
Only respect for Jenkees. This beat IS on fire.
Needs Ronald Jenkees tag. He's awesome:

So what type of autism bestows us with Ronald Jenkees, and what kind of thing gives us Christian W. Chandler?
Apparently he has Williams syndrome, which Oliver Sacks wrote about in "Musicophilia." It's pretty fascinating - it's superficially similar to Down syndrome, except it also provides a natural talent for musical expression (but on the other hand they're terrible at math and literacy). They also invariably have an extremely outgoing personality.

When I read about Williams Syndrome in Sacks's book, I thought to myself "well, are they talented, or just *relatively* talented when compared to their deficiencies?"

Assuming this dude actually has Williams Syndrome, that answers that question.

From his website:
"While I'll be the first one to tell you I'm different, there's nothing wrong with me or the way I am! I understand some people just need to speculate things (that's normal) but there's nothing wrong with my brain (LOL) and I'm definitely not a savant (go check out some Beethoven for that, folks). I realize that some will think I'm fake, some will think I'm too weird, and maybe a few folks will actually digg my jams. And as long as there are a couple of encouragers out there, I'll keep posting music on the webs.

Peace out! - Ronald"

That was really good.
It's a character he's playing, but it's still hilarious. Anyone who makes an album cover like this is hilarious.

A character different than the one that everybody with an identity has?

What I mean is that he's goofy on purpose, he knows he's being funny - it isn't some character trait he's unaware of. He still seems like a super likeable, nice guy however. His interviews are awesome.

Color me impressed.
Persephone S. Tight
Kind of reminds me of when Bill and Ted let Beethoven loose at the Wurlitzer store.
I would like to see a Megaman game made around this music.
Honest Abe
i would like to see your eye sockets filled with piss

Then I could be Piss Man and you could only defeat me with Sponge Man's Sponge Shield, but beware of my Piss Eye Beam!

No "hello youtubes" tag?
Harold Manchester
Silly character or actual retard, that motherfucker can play.
Always 5
When is Ronald going to tour, that's all I want to know.
Lies, lies, LIES!
His rhythm seems a little off on this one, but Ronald gets an auto-five. Bastard gets more music out of one rompler than I do out of my entire studio.
I know the feeling. But then again I am married with a house and a job and a kid and he's not. Shit, he wins again.

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