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Desc:Williams ain't having none of that.
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:Brian Williams, Nepotism, cockblock, MY GIRLFRIEND, high school romances
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Comment count is 11
Jack Dalton
He looked pretty devastated.
"I promised your father I'd look out for you, before he died."
The finger roll makes it.
Wow, everyone takes a big step away from him.
For me it's how Lukey just goes stock still.

"If you freeze-frame, you can see the exact moment his heart breaks..."

Brian Williams was most certainly NOT cockblocking Like Russert. He would never do that.

Instead, he was taunting Luke about the fact that Brian was banging his girlfriend.

If you couldn't get laid on election night...
This is awesome.
Poor Neville Longbottom. :-(
Huge boner shriveling at the mention of his girlfriend.
Big Muddy
Oh wow. Been there.
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