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Desc:Ladies, ever wonder what us guys do when we're alone in the showers?
Category:Classic Movies, Stunts
Tags:Sexy, 80s, dancing, Shirtless, Gimme an F
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Comment count is 19
The Townleybomb
...aaaand another in the series "embarrassing basic-cable programming that gave Townleybomb a boner when he was 13."
He nailed the dismount.
Who is he doing this for?
Adham Nu'man
For freedom.

The Townleybomb
For the slutty punk rock girls at the cheerleader camp he runs but the Japanese are about to buy it out (yeah I know it is sad that I still remember this)

Well, their shadows were plainly visible at the beginning. He's a happy exhibitionist.

The Snickler
I like how they put in pipes strong enough for a grown man to swing from them, but couldn't get walls without huge gaps
Hello....it's cheerleader camp!

...look at how funky he is...
a flaming monkey
10 stars for using plumbing as gym apparatus. -5 stars for breakdancing on tinea infested shower room floor.
Hay Belly
The strange inchworm thing and the spinning right after would make awesome .gifs. It would probably turn the person doing it gay but it'd be worth it!
This is the gay equivalent of Frank Miller thinking every woman lounges around the house in Victoria's Secret underwear and fuzzy pumps.
Footloose + Flashdance - talent = ...
The Townleybomb
Holy shit I just found out that this was choreographed by the same guy that choreographed this: http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=56243

I like to imagine that this is how all gymnasts take showers.

Also, women are sex-starved pigs.
I'm not sure rolling around on the floor of a public shower is very sanitary
Strip clubs in the '80s must have been so weird.
I'm happy women are easier to please nowadays. Sexy dancing in the 80s was really hardcore mang.

Oh god, I'm getting all tingly.
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