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Desc:Watch out, Cobra. Fridge is coming through.
Category:Advertisements, Sports
Tags:toy, GI Joe, fridge, William Perry
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Comment count is 11
Caminante Nocturno
Every time Cobra Commander tries to impress his troops by leading them into battle, he just ends up embarrassing himself.
Having a pro-ball player in GI Joe isn't that jarring what with all of the firemen, skiiers, ninjas and former fashion models and such ambling about under an ill-defined chain of command.
His weapon is a whip with a football on the end of it.
that would definitely leave a welt or perhaps a small bruise

Rodents of Unusual Size
That really doesn't help the process of the whip.

As a kid, I questioned the Fridge? What does he have to do with GI JOE? Yet, I totally accepted SGT. Slaughter professional wrestler, no questions asked.
That was because he was obviously a real army Sgt. who just did wrestling on the side.

Cobra, you just got your ass kicked by a guy whose soul claim to fame is being big enough to knock people down. I want you to go back to your base and rethink your tactics.

Mister Yuck
William The Refrigerator Perry held the door open for my mom at Clementine's restaurant in South Haven Michigan. It's one of my earliest memories.
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