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Desc:Not Cena_mark, another kid.
Category:Arts, Stunts
Tags:fat, wwe, john cena
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Comment count is 35
Its like it combines both of John Cena's fanbases: Fat people and kids.
Hot girls love Cena. That's why most of you hate him.

Fair enough i suppose, though you cant deny he appeals to kids quite abit as well. Personally I hate him on the fact he's just bland as shit in the ring, very hulk hogan like on the boredom scale.

Bullshit. A wrestling ring is a device for mechanically separating hot people in shorts from a crowd of fat people with signs.

It take talent to come off bland compared to what I see them doing now days.

John Cena will probably be a governor or senator within 20 years.
Oh how unfortunate... 'Cuz the crop we have now are SO great

Rape Van Winkle
I've never seen John Cena do whatever this kid is imitating, but I bet this kid's imitation is way more entertaining than that.
Oh and how right you are.

I bet this kid knows more actual wrestling moves than the 3 Cena uses

I like how SDAusmus felt the need to make it explicit that this is not, in fact, Cena Mark.

Also, needs child abuse tag.
the description made me lol

Once i saw the description i kept wondering how many Cena_Mark Junior comments id see.

Colonel Cowlung
I didn't look too closely at the preview image and was pleasantly surprised by just how FAT the kid was.

This is Cena_mark's peer.
This is Cena_mark's boss at Walmart.

This is Cena_Mark's speechwriter.

This is Son of Cena_mark.

Come on Internet, give me a composited showdown with Star Wars Kid. Same music.
Are you sure this is a kid and not just a morbidly obese midget? I've never seen a fat kid with so much sag.
Same thoughts.

It looks like this thing is at least a hugely deformed teen. Oh, and I didn't need to see that bottle of lotion in the foreground, thank you very much!

If that's a kid he's not going to live long. His heart is probably made of peanut butter.

Smooth or chunky? I'm going with chunky!

Has to be a dwarf: large head, tiny limbs, and ginormous body.

there's a kid who lives downstairs from me that bears a striking resemblance, i refer to him as meatball.

I knew a kid that was at least this fat at five years old. It's possible.

On thing I CAN say about Cena is nothing on that man jiggles. Everything on this kid does.
He looks like a pretty energetic kid. My guess is he's from one of those families where if you don't eat a pound of starches every day they whisper about your "eating disorder."
If your time is now and I still can't see you, you must not be very important.
SO many things to say, so here we go:

1. Oh, I can see you, "little" man. I can't miss you.

2. Did anyone else notice his lips getting purple as his extremities became more and more oxygen deprived?

3. Round about the 1:30 mark, he just starts slowing down.

4. Good job, dude. New Years resolution to exercise: Completed.
I don't know what this is all about, but fat people acting silly is worth a few stars.
Better than actual pro wrestling.
Kid your boy hold weight.
I got my soul straight.
I brush your mouth like Colgate
William Gibson said that, upon hearing that Michael Jackson, now a white woman, had married Lisa Marie Presely, that his job as an author of science fiction had just gotten more difficult.

If David Lynch saw this video he would undergo a similar catharsis.
Big Name Celebrity
Super Porky's most disappointing child.
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