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Desc:brief clip from an interview with the DC legend
Category:Classic TV Clips, Arts
Tags:elvis, Blelvis, Black Elvis
Submitted:poetry publishing guide
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I met this guy this year when my sister and I left Etete (a really good Ethiopian place) . He'd sing any Elvis song you could think of, and he could take any word and sing an Elvis song relating to it. I gave him five bucks, I considered it money well spent.

He smelled like kahlua.
If I may get off topic about the restaurant...

What sort of things does Etete serve and what would you recommend?

Ethiopian cuisine sounds really interesting, but being stuck in the middle of fly-over country you don't get a lot of food from around the globe (we have ONE Thai restaurant, and that's about it for "exotic" foods. Not even a fucking Greek establishment in our town!)

If you eat Ethiopian, always order coffee.

Hey toenails. I only went there once, but the things I tried were interesting and good. I had some kind of Beef tips and sauce, it was tasty. They have a website http://www.eteterestaurant.com/ that may be helpful to you.

They serve the food on a kind of sourdough-like bread, and you mop up the sauces, veggies, and meat with the bready stuff. Sorry if I'm being vague, but it is a unique experience. Try it out if you get a chance.

Glenn or Glennda
The Washington Times finally gets the story right.
The Townleybomb
No idea if he's still around, but he was EVERYWHERE in early to mid-90s DC. I would look up obscure songs from the soundtracks of Elvis movies and quiz him on them every time I saw him. He know everyone. Blelvis is fucking god.
Screw medical research and physics, this is far more amazing.
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