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Desc:Too bad the series only went downhill from here
Category:Video Games, Advertisements
Tags:Sega, phantasy star
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Comment count is 13
God, I loved this game.
Oh god, that horrid Sonic at the end almost looks like Sonichu.
Unmerciful Crushing Force
The best game of the series by far and one that I think I actually better than most of the Final Fantasy games.
Of course, but that is not a high bar to set.

:13 really neat.
Greatest game!
Certainly was one of the best games I've ever played.

As for sequels, well I played the shit out of PSO.

PS Shining Force 1/2 is better
They made a Phantasy Star and Shining Force 1/2 cross over?!

if only

Downhill, except for that little gem known as the original DC PSO. I guess that was a sudden, mountain sized speed bump to the downward decline.

Hey, PSO Ep1&2 and Blue Burst were great. Ep3, not so much.

And actually, Phantasy Star Zero on the DS is sort of a return to PSO's gameplay.

My favorite part of this game was buying penguin feed and then having it immediately stolen by a big fat penguin as you tried to leave the shop.

Also the first monsters you encounter are pretty scary!
Doctor Arcane
This game took everything that ruled about PS2, and made it just so much better. The spell macros etc, it was awesome. Never did beat him. Hmm. I think I got it on my DS, should play it again.
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