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Category:Crime, Advertisements
Tags:batman, shilling
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Corporate God King
I thought Alfred died.
Why so Sirius?
Where does he get those wonderful toys?

It's a trick. I'd think the Joker could track the Batmobile with OnStar....
Even if he couldn't, Lex Luthor definitely could, and both Batman and Bruce Wayne have had their problems with Luthor.

Caminante Nocturno
That was pretty mundane for a Riddler riddle.
I guess there's only so many riddles you can make which carry the answer "I'm knocking over a bank again."

Eventually Riddler is going to be reduced to asking stuff like "What's the name of a place that's full of money which I would like to steal?"

He now needs to go and kill every onstar employee in order to protect his identity.
The recession has hit Wayne Enterprises pretty hard this year. Gotta pay for batmobile detailing somehow in this economy
That bank vault has no back wall, just a fan leading to the ventilation system.

Maybe its just to piss off the villains who wasted time breaking through the security door.

This commercial has a ridiculously long Wikipedia article, though I can't say I didn't expect that.
Batman is not the hero that Batman fans want; he's the one the economy needs.
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