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Desc:Two sides to every sky.
Category:News & Politics, Sports
Tags:canada, Olympics, Protest, 2010
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Rodents of Unusual Size
Is the Olympics profitable for any city that takes them on anymore? It seems like it's all for the gain of corporate sponsors and the prestige. Certain people profit but most don't. It will be interesting how Rio turns out, given their poverty rates.
Here's a partial answer: one of the major reasons cited for Greece going tits up was the spending on the Athens games.

Timothy A. Bear
All the media in the world and they stand around with signs. Have a giant 'Vancouver Social Services Music Chair' competition or something. Cheese Lousie.
Hey this video matches its title so it does what it says on the tin!!!!

Also, god Vancouverites have the voices I most want to punch in the ENTIRE WORLD.
Susan Smyth seems awfully proud of herself for saying "bullshit" on pretend tv.

And these people do have really annoying voices, which is scary because, being from Seattle, I probably sound just like them.
are you saying that because she just BLEW YOUR MIND with her unconventional use of a swear word? I bet you are.

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