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Desc:Let Racist Shoe Shining CATegory 'Needs a BLANK Tag' Week on PoeTV begin! What it says on the tin!
Category:General Station, Business
Tags:goodfellas, New York City, Shine your shoes, small businessman, Don Ward
Submitted:Hugo Gorilla
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Comment count is 18
Why the Terrorists Hate Us

Black People

Come See Me
Oh, I got some real cool tags we can use for our themed week:

fat piss

this is terrible

youtubest comments you got

slow slide of poetv into ebaumsworld

I like memes dont you like memes

4chanesq homophobic racist sexist white noise posters unite week

look at those shoes, brotha. you just wanna be okay?
Wake me up when somebody punches him and the PC diaper babies flood in.
Sean Robinson
You masturbate to humiliating things and will never be loved.

you'll have to go to poe-news for that

A likeable fellow.
The way to a man's heart is through his shoes.
Hugo Gorilla
I thought this was an interesting clip of a guy hustling to make a honest buck on the streets of New York. I also wanted to poke fun about how serious people were about the other video and, yes, the underlining racism of some of the comments that caused the outrage. I wrote the description hoping for a cheap laugh or just take the wind out of people who take Internet forums so close to heart. Something I'm guilty of doing, too.

But gotterdamm and others has already jump to the conclusions that this is a gross and creepy video and I'm making a sly racist observation with this submission. So, fuck it. I'm not witty or funny enough to have other people understand my intent.

Apologies to Goofy Gorilla for the similarity in our user names. I meant to ask Chet to change mine but never got around to it.
Christ pussy, at least have some conviction in your hillbilly racism.

This is a video about a black guy who likes to shine shoes. The description makes it appropriately evil, but without it, this video has absolutely nothing to do with race. Those people jumping to conclusions are taking things way too seriously.

seems like a nice guy
This is the guy trying to buy the company, not to mention put you out on the street, and all you can say is, "Hmmm, he seems like a nice guy!"

I lol'd at the description
If you five star this video you're racist.

If you one star this video you're racist.

wtf japan

I met this guy on my way to a meeting on 6th ave....I was wearing matte black shoes, and he shouted "Look at your shoes" at me, and I did. Then I looked back at him. "Why?" I asked him. Then he shouted "come see me" at someone else.

My brush with fame. I feel lukewarm at the brush with his shining star. And no, me saying "Shining" was not a reference to Scatman Crothers.
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