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Desc:No, seriously. They came all the way from California to meet the Shaolin Master.
Category:Classic Movies, Stunts
Tags:shaolin, kung fu, hare krishna, stupid ninja tricks, tambourine
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Comment count is 7
This is the same one that produced EUGENE TRAMMEL, THE BLACK MONK FROM HARLEM. It's pretty amazing.
A true hare krishna master would have finished him off with a merciless copy of the Bhagavad Gita and a scrumptious but deadly coconut morsel.
Most of the really batshit stuff is on here already. The "Stupid Ninja Tricks" tag is a good tip.

Aside from a few bits (naked lady kung fu, water spider assault team, and I think there was a Shaft of the ninjas or something), this movie was actually remarkably boring.

Still, it's hard to tell whether it takes itself seriously or not.
Lauritz Melchior
Those sound effects are pretty impressive.
Parts of this movie became Shaolin Dolemite.
You're gonna teach me your awesome martial art! I'm gonna make you by... beating you up... Wait, this doesn't sound right.
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