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Desc:Searched on a whim. It's apparently being used as play therapy for disabled people.
Category:Educational, Sports
Tags:bulletball, disabled, Possibly non-ironic tear in the eye
Submitted:Unmerciful Crushing Force
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Comment count is 14
I'm happy he got to do something good with it. I honestly felt kind of bad for him when I saw the Inventors episode.
Unmerciful Crushing Force
That's exactly how I feel you. Now THAT'S a Bulletball!

Was that Paul Mooney coming in at :28?
Ya know, I think this is great. Those kids look happy, and if it helps them feel less left out or more active and whatnot then fucking A!
Frank Rizzo
I have to say, as an invention, it's still just a table with doodles on it. Hey, I'm happy it's making kids happy. I'm not totally heartless, but it is still just a table with doodles on it.
astropod five
A 0 table with doodles on it. Making kids happy is good, sure, but the price is potentially exploitative for something that could be easily made out of common materials.

0? Now that's Numberwang!

Robert DeNegro
Bulletball: The Emperor's new chess.
what happens if the ball falls off the table?

It falls on the floor and somebody with legs has to go find it.

stop being right

5 stars for the preload image alone.
Cats would also love bulletball.
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