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Desc:Fred Phelps produced parody starring his grand-daughters.
Category:Religious, Stunts
Tags:bad, phelps, jackson, michael, fred
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Comment count is 15
Maggot Brain
God hates the first amendment.
Is Fred really still involved wtih these and not just drooling in a corner somewhere? They look like they're having fun without him.
they found the molotov mitchell filter.
I'm splitting my stars between the reference to "raping priests" and the pictures of bloody aborted fetuses.
Same here, with additional stars for the Haiti earthquake victims.

They managed to get through the entire song without saying the words "fag" or "sodomite" once. That's pretty good for them.
They're dancing. I thought that was a sin. Btw, I get all my Bible interpretations from the City Council in Footloose.
i thought jeans and pants for women are a sin

Shirley Phelps had her first son out of wedlock.

Stupid Lisa Garbage Face
Hold up hold up.. isn't pride a sin? Shouldn't this whole family be condemning themselves to an eternity in hell with this boastful behavior?
It's just a sin if other people are doing it, and having fun with it.

Jack Cooper
Why don't they like Joel Olstein? Is it because he's too happy?
burnt popcorn
The SEIGE is coming!
burnt popcorn
I fucked that up :(

This poor family has finally figured out a loophole to doing what regular people do to have fun. They can sing, dance, and enjoy themselves only if they twist it into tools of hate. Each parody is a cry for help.

I feel bad for them.
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