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Desc:people freak out
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Nature & Places
Tags:sea, waves, destruction, cruise ship
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Comment count is 11
Stupid Lisa Garbage Face
It's a not a cruise unless you're puking, wet and afraid for your life
Luxury cruises are little bubbles of hubris in the maw of a vast and cruel territory far more ancient than the misery and pride of mankind.


five stars!
I thought they were supposed to be on a vacation from the black unrelenting singularity which seperates soul from soma that is our occupations. I integrate your enlightenment on this festive ritual with great lament.

Put down the thesaurus and stay indoors. Okay?

2 dead, 14 injured.
-2 for unavoidable (and loud) commercial
no kidding, usually I hit refresh on my browser and I can skip a commercial, but this one just gave me a new one each time. The internet is becoming an awful thing.

I didn't get no commercial so five stars for me.

The discount travelers in steerage will be manning the bilge pumps all night.
I worked on an incredibly shitty 80-foot catamaran boat from Hell for a summer. For tourists. There was a bow door that could kill you if the wind slammed it shut at the wrong moment, and it never sealed. So in bad weather, waves would crash over the bow and STRAIGHT through the bow door, soaking half the carpet just like this. No one died though. 5
the sea... she is a harsh mistress
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