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Desc:TFL Bill gives his commentary on why this happened. Keep in mind he doesn't condone what happened
Category:General Station
Tags:dance, TFL, tfl bill, Bill1224602, wake up people
Submitted:Scrotum H. Vainglorious
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Comment count is 17
Hello again, okay, here in this video.
he actually believes women watch his vids?
I thought the same thing, also does his upper lip actually exist?

Bill had it removed when someone told him that the sole reason the upper lip was evolved was to give women pleasure during cunnilingus.

Eroticus E
How are we all going to feel when he starts actually killing people?
"I listened to TFL Bill before he went mainstream. That fucking sellout."

Helloagainhereinthispoetv! I thought women outnumber men everywhere in the world except China.


There's a tremendous gender gap building in India, too, off the top of my head.

What happened to Wall Dog?
Wow, uh, turn on the captions.
He has an even worse video now that blames a teenager for getting the shit beat out of her by a boy wearing steel toed boots.

He repeatedly insists that "She must have done sumthin to provoke it."
His preloads are always the same. I want to kick his teeth in.
Hello again ok here in this video...teeth kicking.

Man Who Fights Like Woman
Yeah, it's pretty reasonable that a girl doesn't want to dance with you so you beat her head in. It's a perfectly rational response.
Moustaches look bad enough even if you -can- grow one, Bill. Maybe that's the cause of your TFL. That and the drunken lunatic thing.
Bill, what the hell is taking so long for your master plan? Are you trying to get a frigging helicopter for your mass slaughter or what?
Caminante Nocturno
That news story is going to inspire an episode of SVU.

So is Bill.
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