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Desc:Handy if you're ever on a trip and your AAA batteries die and you have a 9 volt and pliers.
Category:Educational, Stunts
Tags:Hacking that isnt hacking, batteries, unnecessarily complicated
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Comment count is 9
unknown rebel
hey guess what not all batteries are like this oh god can't even ironically vote this patronizing crap up
Syd Midnight
First its a dupe, second its a couple Goons doing fake "household hacks" to see what they can get people to take apart.

Syd Midnight
Or was that the lantern battery one?

unknown rebel
It's real, but also utterly similar to Fatal Farms stuff.

Stabbing batteries: Yeah, they'll probably be some surprises.
MacGyver Style Bomb
At one old job, a coworker would stab capacitors the size of soda cans. Sparks everywhere!

I'm never surprised.
Koda Maja
What's inside this battery?

Answer: More batteries

unknown rebel
Which leads me to believe that every time you destroy a battery you destroy an entire universe.

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