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Desc:CopperCab responds to South Park promo. He will be livid if it airs.
Category:General Station
Tags:South Park, Ginger, also his balls are rouge, coppercab
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Comment count is 24
your ppl? thats assuming ofc that theyre still...your ppl.
Midnight Man
what the fuck

for the record: none of this was my fault.
"WE MUST STOP THEM," a YouTube video in which coppercab tries to trade his momentarily-famous handy up to whatever being a martyr gets you.
Angry ginger kid, now in the same boat as Barack Obama, George Clooney and Richard Dawkins. He's tired of South Park putting down everybody and he's not gonna let 'em.
I don't know. I'd be completely ecstatic if South Park ever bothered to make fun of me. This kid is entirely missing the point.
Influence Device TIMR
oh come on, nobody watches South Park anymore.

in fact, I guarantee it'll be cancelled within the year.

Muddy Mae Suggins
In the latest episode they introduced the "big joke" at the beginning and just beat it to death for 20 minutes. The joke wasn't even clever or original. It was painful and incredibly stupid.

Influence Device TIMR
how does that differ from any previous episode

Seriously, worst show generally regarded as being decent.

Gold star troll, this guy.
I actually think the only way this kid can come out on top of this is if he shoots up his school.
Ludo Smell Bad
Sometimes I remember all the socially stupid things I did throughout middle school and high school, and still become riddled with shame for having such poor self-esteem. vicious cycle.

but thank God I'm not this guy.
Hammer Falls
This kid is too well spoken to not be playing a part by now... the ginger Glenn Beck, ladies and gentlemen.
James Woods
When I saw the promo I thought Trey and Matt had handed this kid a free coolest-kid-in-school pass, and he fucking pissed on it.
Jet Bin Fever
Five stars for him describing Gingers as "My people", indicating that they are a separate ethnic group after all.
And that's how the most popular show on cable was destroyed forever.
wtf japan
Ginger, please.
Behold. The Master Troll.
I don't even think he saw the original episode. It doesn't even mock gingers. Cartman, the villain of the show, mocks gingers and then he gets fucked over for doing it. And then they mock you for making an ass of yourself on the youtubes, not for being a ginger.

He should just be happy they indulged his 15 minutes.
I would think this would be his "mission accomplished" speech, but that just wouldn't fit his MO
He has such luscious, full lips.

And no eyebrows.
Lauritz Melchior
I'm already 5-starring this for the "create a baby" google ad that popped up.
Comin' to y'all live from the corner of my Mom's Herb garden.
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