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Desc:2 World Heavyweight Champion wrestlers settle things like real men... By Karaoke sing-off, bitches!
Category:Classic TV Clips, Stunts
Tags:wcw, wrestling, wwe, david arquette, Chris Jericho
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Remember when Andy Kaufman did this and it was funny.
James Woods
George Lopez and Carlos Mencia should have a knife fight. the winner should be killed.
I'm assuming then that the winner can only win by killing the loser? If so, I'm all for it.

FUCK!!! Those are 5 failure stars.

it's no hurra torpedo
No, it's a current pro wrestling champion confronting a celebrity whose lead role in a wrestling produced motion picture resulted in him being booked as a World Heavyweight Champion, a title only bestowed on performers who had made it to the top of their profession. It's sort of like if James Cameron confronted the guy who did the Taco Bell Dog commercials about the Oscar statue he stole out of a dumpster.

yes that is a lengthy description of the video

it also sucks, you forgot to mention that part tho

lol yeah i totally did whoops :P

MacGyver Style Bomb
The full-on Wrestlecrap.
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