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phalsebob - 2010-04-02


baleen - 2010-04-02

What a monster.

baleen - 2010-04-02

P.S. None of you give a flying fuck about Palestine.

Cleaner82 - 2010-04-02

I know one guy that clearly doesn't.

fatatty - 2010-04-02

I spent a lot of nights arguing the Palestinian case against my Christian mom. She eventually abandoned the right and switched sides.

Obviously it was more Bush than Israel but that's got to count for something.

sheikurbouti - 2010-04-02

A) even if none of us care about palestine - which is pretty sanctimonious and douchey (and typical) to assume - a lot of people with guns aimed at americans do.

B) my stars are for how she goes into full sob each time she is aware of the camera.

baleen - 2010-04-02

It has nothing to do with Bush.
The fact that frauds like Gomorrah are "pro-Palestine" has probably a lot to do with Bush, however.

In other words, a fashionable cause that is extremely complex beguiles a boring college dumbass and all the toads follow his example.

This man is a pseudo-intellectual piece of shit and what he does to this girl, and the way this video is described, is morally reprehensible.

Fuck all of you. Or hey, I apologize, become a Palestinian citizen and attempt to spread peace! IT HAS NEVER BEEN TRIED BEFORE.

Seriously, you're all idiots.

sheikurbouti - 2010-04-03

hey! *stops skull-fucking a holocaust victim's corps (criticizing israel)* what did you call me?

APE_GOD - 2010-04-03


baleen - 2010-04-03

He then goes on to exploit his own family death to win approval of the anti-Israel children/secretly racist liberals. Hmm, interesting.

Now, I agree that there's such a thing as a holocaust card, in fact the fact that he mentions it speaks volumes to his experience. Every Jewish boy has been whispered a thousand Holocaust stories. It results in either denial of it completely, embracing of it as a cause of pride and militant ethnic self-defense, or a means to attack Jews in general whenever they go wrong.

The point is all of these different kinds of people have something important to say about the Jewish experience.

Of course Israel was founded by essentially Jewish gangsters. Jews did and continue to get oppressed in "their own country" by people that came before. Any time a Palestinian tries to unite his people using, say, the tenets of Gandhi, his brains are blown out by Syrians.

So basically Gomorrah is a tool of people that he doesn't really care about, trolling about a cause that he doesn't really care about (that I do), simply because it's what Noam Chomsky and his friend Finkelstein tell him to do. Also, he probably finds Jewish pride irritating. That's probably where it comes from in all honesty.

Tuan Jim - 2010-04-03

So, what do you think about Israel's treatment of the Palestinian people, friend Baleen?

Syd Midnight - 2010-04-03

Baleen, don't Gomm things up. That's not good.

Adham Nu'man - 2010-04-03

What he DOES to this girl?!?

To be fair, she was ready to cry before she even opened her fucking mouth.

Also, he wasn't "exploiting" the death of his relatives. He was responding precisely to the people who play the "I have relatives in Auschwitz so gimme my cheeseburger because I'm entitled to it" card by saying "Hey, I have relatives who died in Auschwitz too so fuck you and no, you can't have your cheeseburger", which seems perfectly valid.

In a perfect world, people wouldn't bring up Auschwitz in conversations where it isn't at all relevant, but since they did, that's what they got.

phalsebob - 2010-04-03

Now baleen and gom are going to have hot tard make up sex.

Camonk - 2010-04-03

Wow baleen being self-righteous and preachy someone call that newspaper that reports shit that happens every goddamned day

I'm anti-Israel just cause baleen is such a boring cock when it comes up.

Bored - 2010-04-03

Baleen, you're right: I don't give a fuck about Palestine.

I also give less of a fuck about Israel.

fatatty - 2010-04-03

I just think people yelling and crying is funny.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2010-04-03

What Adham Nu'man said sums up my feelings on this.

Also, my Jewish roommate went to Israel and after what she saw she joined Jews for Palestine or some organization like that. One of her friends was killed during a protest. There are plenty of Jews who do not respect what the Israeli government is pulling and are willing to put themselves on the line to stop it.

It's not just attaching yourself to a cause because it's trendy, baleen. Some people actually believe in doing the right thing to do what they can to stop violence on the part of governments. And yeah, it's not a black and white issue. There has been plenty of violence on both sides. It doesn't give Israel the right to use chemical warfare against innocent people, or a dozen other things that government has done.

CornOnTheCabre - 2010-04-05

yes, how dare all these pseudo-intellectual, hyper-impressionable youngsters take the side of a guy who yelled at a pseudo-intellectual hyper-impressionable youngster.

CornOnTheCabre - 2010-04-05

ps: Baleen hates arabs

Honest Abe - 2010-04-14

baleen: still the worst fucking drooling simpleton on this site

Aelric - 2010-04-02

Man, When I saw Finkelstein at my college, it wasn't nearly this entertaining. In fact, it was kinda boring and he spent five minutes rambling about not understanding "the facebooks". Seriously. The friend that begged me into going and adored the man wanted to go about half way through.

urbanelf - 2010-04-02

She'll feel better tomorrow when daddy buys her a Mercedes.

Binro the Heretic - 2010-04-02

Sadly, the first thing that went through my head when I read the title:


Billie_Joe_Buttfuck - 2010-04-02

Someone want to make me familiar with Finkelstein, and maybe explain him in context to this clip?

StanleyPain - 2010-04-02

He's a political scientist who is, in very simple, short terms, anti-the Israeli occupation of Palestine and the treatment of the Palestinians to the point where he is very controversial in most political circles.

Aelric - 2010-04-02

He is an outspoken Anti-Israel speaker despite having the most Jewish name in the universe. He runs with the Noam Chompsky crowd of brilliant fuckers that state the obvious and are universally hated for it. Though Professor Frink here doesn't usually go as deep and Noam. Example: Finkelstein largely disproved and discredited the book "From Time Immemorial" while Noam claims that the book was in fact written by a pro-Israel agency and not a person at all. If you don't know the book, Wikipedia is your friend.

The Finkelstein monster is a great guy I agree with, but he is usually better in book form. His talks are usually quite dull and anyone with half a brain already knows Israel isn't exactly a neighborly country. His books have body, his talks glaze only the surface.

fatatty - 2010-04-02


Billie_Joe_Buttfuck - 2010-04-02

did that first, corpulent retard wiener.

i could have handled a little more challenging-if-accurate terminology, stanley. all the same, thanks to you both

StanleyPain - 2010-04-02

jesus, fuck you too, then.

Billie_Joe_Buttfuck - 2010-04-02

I said thank you, not fuck you, Stanley.

But all the same, fuck you for assuming the worst.

split tail - 2010-04-02


i pasted that url in my browser's address bar and it redirected me to google's search engine.

'Here let me get that for you' Norm Finkelstein appears in the search box. Then, 'Was that so hard'.


Billie_Joe_Buttfuck - 2010-04-02

split tail - http://tinyurl.com/632hcv

Tuan Jim - 2010-04-02

Ha ha ha split tail

baleen - 2010-04-02

The idea that this stupid fucking website can illuminate people on this issue is sort of ridiculous. Yes? No?


Syd Midnight - 2010-04-03

im gay


Billie_Joe_Buttfuck - 2010-04-03

this place is never going to get any better if

Honest Abe - 2010-04-14

billie joe buttfuck keeps posting

Hubba Bubba Nightmare - 2010-04-02

These stars are for the tag activation

godot - 2010-04-02

I'd be more satisfied if it was someone other than Gomorrah validating his own issues with "white jewish girls".

That said, Norm Finkelstein's "The Holocaust Industry" and "Beyond Chutzpah" are both fine deconstructions of the AIPAC line that has dictated much of American foreign policy for the past 37 years (the U.S. only got behind Israel in 1973). I hope my representatives vote against military subsidies till the State of Israel returns to the 1967 green line, but I've no expectation that that will happen in my lifetime.

baleen - 2010-04-03

I like you godot, you're a good kid.

takewithfood - 2010-04-03

He's worth the wait.

Syd Midnight - 2010-04-05

I figured this was like a Deadliest Warrior showdown except the weapon was Jewish guilt.

Tuan Jim - 2010-04-02

I love his bemused aside at the end.

baleen - 2010-04-02

This man is a favorite of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, so you're in good company.

Gommorrah - 2010-04-03

lol shut up baleen

baleen - 2010-04-03

lol shut up gomorrah
you silly little man.

Tuan Jim - 2010-04-03

Baleen, your mom is a favorite of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, so he and I are in agreement there as well.

Just f.y.i.


APE_GOD - 2010-04-03

Have you seen those tshirts that the Israeli army wears that show a pregnant woman in a burka reading "SHOOT ONE AND KILL TWO"

Those are RAD!!!!

millerman13 - 2010-04-03

Just wait til baleen hears about this!

Azmo23 - 2010-04-03

i think she's german, and i would bet methodist, not jewish.
i'm also not sure what he's yelling about, it IS offensive to call people nazis.
that's seems to be his point though, he seems to be saying that anti-Palestinian behaviors and thoughts are offensive to humanity.
maybe he could try making a lucid point in a cogent manner next time instead of yelling at a blubbering baby about his dead family.
they should both have a big sob together about how unfair it is to call people nazis and how unfair it is for nazis to kill jewish mommies. though i think one of them has a better reason to be upset.

stage - 2010-04-03

I laughed when he finished yelling at her and the camera showed her just gripping her head with despair.

pastorofmuppets - 2010-04-03

Listen, buddy. If you're going to call people Nazis, your goddamn parents have better have been... nevermind, it looks like everything's in order here.

Also: feeling compassion for palestinians is uninformed douchey groupthink. You guys are nowhere near as cool as baleen, who once bounced Noam Chomsky out of a club.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2010-04-03

The only solution is to nuke them all from orbit, just to be sure.

kingofthenothing - 2010-08-02

I'm sure people are working on it.

Syd Midnight - 2010-04-03

Don't try to pull the Holocaust card on a jew who is smarter than you. You won't like what happens.

Desidiosus - 2010-04-03

Why not? I certainly did.

Slagathor - 2010-04-03

What an asshole. Fuck Norm Finkelstein. Israel belongs to the Israelis.

Tuan Jim - 2010-04-03

You're out of your league. Go home.

Bored - 2010-04-03

In my religious text it says that "All that belongs to Slagathor belongs to me."

So shut the fuck up and give me my religious mandate you aspie.

Syd Midnight - 2010-04-05

I'm sure this religion-based armed occupation will be resolved peacefully, like North Ireland was.

pastorofmuppets - 2010-04-03

I'm going to sidestep the whole peace in the middle east thing and just say that I hate it when people refer to arguments as "playing a card."

Bored - 2010-04-03

I say every country gets a nuke dropped on it. Let's be fair about this now.

JimL2 - 2010-04-09



Rodents of Unusual Size - 2010-04-03

All the stars in the fucking sky.

Samisyosam - 2010-04-03

The US should've given the holocaust survivors a chunk of its own land to make a new country instead of loaning them part of a country they don't own. Fuck it, give them connecticut or north carolina or something.

I dunno. I just shake my head at everything that has happened after that first major mistake. It's like the dropping of the nuclear bombs over Japan. Was the second one necessary? Did they have to use them on cities?

It can't be undone and I shudder to think of the future. Dear god, just look at what Japan is like today because of all this. Just wait and see what happens to Israel. I just hope to god they never become obsessed with animation.

pastorofmuppets - 2010-04-04

Relocating all Jews to a specific place... hasn't that been done before? A lot?

JimL2 - 2010-04-09


Dicknuts - 2010-04-04

^ Colossal shit-fest

Urkel Forever - 2010-04-04

I for one can't wait for the day for Israel and Palestine to both sink into the Earth never to be heard from again.

memedumpster - 2010-04-04

I figure one day Israel's interests will challenge our own and no one's going to care when America invades it.

andybrownie - 2010-04-08




Maru - 2012-03-06

This is a great companion piece to the black muslim video. I love how these little girls have no pride at all. They don't even try to keep a straight face.

Maru - 2015-03-09

As an addendum to this historic comment, I'd like to also point out how her friend gets so upset on her behalf that she leaves her standing next to the mic all by herself. Leave it to white women to make walking out on your friend look like some kind of moral statement.

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