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Desc:So easy, this child puts you to shame.
Category:Educational, Stunts
Tags:kids, drivers ed, short and sweet, power wheels
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Comment count is 16
When I was five years old I constantly asked my parents for a power wheels but I never got one, and then like 15 years later the kid across the street starting driving one around his front yard every single day.

I felt like I should have been happy for the kid, but in my heart of hearts, I knew he just mocking me.
James Woods
Damn rich kids and their world of opportunity. :(

If it makes you feel better, this kid will wreck his dads sports car when he gets to be a teen.

Frank Rizzo
...now you're driving FOR REAL!!!

cant believe I remember that.

wanna be that kid
Thank you. That video was the first thing to come to mind when I saw that.

A million stars for the end.
My stars lie somewhere in those millions.

unknown rebel
You don't go in forwards.

you do when you're a three-year-old baller like this kid

unknown rebel
I dunno. I was going to keep quiet, but when some kid accidentally finds the angle of turn on his Hotwheels is all wrong and it gets passed around the internet I kind of think meh.

I can put up with cat videos to a degree, but the moment we get baby videos I'm out of here.

Needs a "J-Turn" tag.
My little cousin got obsessed with lawn mowers. That happens when you grow up in suburbia.
This kid should team up with Trunk Boiz and make a music video. It would give Lazytown and run for its money.
Okay but let's see him do the burn and lap in less than 36 seconds.
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