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Desc:Your video game driving skills do not apply to real-life
Category:Science & Technology, Stunts
Tags:video game, yakuza, third person driving
Submitted:Daddy Warcrimes
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Comment count is 11
James Woods
The valets made this.
3rd person cameras in games have some pretty big advantages over this rig. They can rotate, they can watch the car rotate while they stay still, they're adjustable. And first-person view is all kinds of convenient, you tubby bearded bastard.
I'm a bit disappointed. I was expecting the same sort of crane structure behind but was hoping more for the steering wheel, accelerator and brake up there with a seat for the driver. So you're actually driving the car from several feet above and behind the car.

oh and the oilers
i drive exactly like this in video games. so..maybe they DO apply to real life.
Why DID the valets need bats?
They stole my idea! Somewhat poorly executed, though, shouldn't the camera be further back and higher?
if it was your idea it is no wonder it was lack-luster

Powered by a 120V battery? I think she means inverter.
That's a shitty camera angle.
Am I the only person who always drives in first person in games like this? Seriously it's way funner.
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