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Oktay - 2010-05-02

ok then.

bopeton - 2010-05-02

I watched this with my Christian roommates back then. It is worse than it looks here.

Caminante Nocturno - 2010-05-02

The ocean's molecular structure has somehow mutated due to Doppler Mitosis affecting the nano-tectonics of the planet's genetic hydraulics. If this cardio-wavelength continues, it will result in mass atomic heterochromia and bible.

Lurchi - 2010-05-02

have you seen http://www.73q.com/video.php?vid=48471 ?

rroach - 2010-05-02

Crappiest Starship Troopers yet.

Camonk - 2010-05-02

True story: Michael Ironside will be in your movie, whatever it is, as long as there's rotisserie chicken at the catering table. He won't even read the script.

nemeses9 - 2010-05-02

Back in 8th or 9th grade, this was playing in the theater right across the street from our house. My foster parents tried to get me to take my foster siblings to go see this. We went and saw "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me" instead and when we got home lied to them and told them how great and inspirational this movie was.

I have a feeling they knew we were lying.

phalsebob - 2010-05-02

Did you keep using the phrase "Yeah baby" and "Shagadelic" for a week after? It is subtle signs like this that can tip parents off.

MagickPoultry - 2010-05-02

I saw this in the theater. There weren't enough handicapped spaces for all of the old people in wheelchairs.

memedumpster - 2010-05-02

A friend of mine dragged me to see this crapfest. It took me five minutes of watching it to have the driving urge to flee the theater. It was a torturous experience. Casper Van Diem's role in Starship Troopers was Oscar worthy compared to this.

Omega Code 2 was downright entertaining by comparison, because it had cool smoke demons, actual war, and Satan.

eatenmyeyes - 2010-05-02

Did the sequel have scanners?

TeenerTot - 2010-05-02

Evolution is a lie. Unless it's for mutating the ocean.

BorrowedSolution - 2010-05-02

I'm only halfway through this movie and it's already one of the best I've ever seen, as far as entertainment value. Watching Johnny Rico try to portray anything other than a space marine is awesome. (I know that's not his real name, but it's all he's got going for him.)

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