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Desc:I am in such pain. PAIN I SAY!
Category:Sports, Arts
Tags:baseball, honesty, ACTING!, mlb, cleveland indians
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Comment count is 12
Cincinnati here.

Please, take Aaron Harang.

We'll even toss in Joey Votto and a bag of Jack Links.
Cinti fan here too.

All problems can be solved by killing Dusty.
Not firing him, killing him.

You do bring up a good idea. All Cinti trades should include JTM chili in a bucket.

And finally, if you had Russell Branyan once, why would you ever want him back?

Syd Midnight
Every 15 at bats he hit a ball like 500 feet, which is fun to watch. Plus he's a big goofy hillbilly and that reminds us of Jim Thome.


The first thing I'd tell you kids to do is choose a team that isn't named after a race of people.

Syd Midnight
You got something against Indians and Browns?

Cincinnati is innocent of that one if you were referring to us!

Reds is just a shortened version of 'Redlegs', the original name for the team.

You can easily close your eyes and imagine this is Rush Limbaugh.

No alcoholic swansong tag?
Being from Cleveland I can tell you everyone knows we suck. He's stating the fucking obvious. We don't like it but after just failing at everything for so long you just learn to live with it. However, you can't exactly blame him for this kind of display cause he was being blown by a 14 year old taiwanese boy. Also a regular occurrence in Cleveland.
Syd Midnight
1995 got our hopes up for the next 20 years

Did you forget about 97?

Big Name Celebrity
Posessed by the spirit of Paul Lynde @ 1:55.

Also: Haha people who still watch baseball. Die faster.
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