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Desc:Unfortunately, cutesey voice is included with the commentary
Category:Pets & Animals, Nature & Places
Tags:stroller, CATegory, Baby Talk
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Comment count is 24
What happened to the baby that used to ride in that stroller?
Baby goes into the stroller. Stroller goes into the living room. Cats in the living room. Farewell and adieu to you, fair Spanish ladies…

La Loco
Can I has cat baby?

You're assuming there ever was a baby.

This is Dan! Dan is a big strapping man!
by god, i will have a cat stroller one day.
fived for comment

Foux du Fafa
"He'll watch the birds for an hour in this thing".

That implies that he watched his cat, watching birds, for an hour.
Lord Peter Wimsley
It's going to get meta when we see the video of him watching the cats watching the birds for an hour.

are the cats actually amused or are they glad it makes the guy shut up for a while?

Gamara II
That's quite the heavy breathing there.
At the end, when he gives a special thanks to his cats, by name, with their own title cards: that really is the coup des grâce to what dignity wasn't butchered by his incessant falsetto doting.
I feel a strong urge to knock this guy down and take his lunch money.
Why not use the "wallet inspector" technique? It's much quicker.

Fuuuuuccckkkkkiiinnnnggggg hell
Someone got the memo that taking your dog for a walk was a good way to pick up chicks and figured it'd carry over to cats.
The Mothership
Five for offering cats to get out of the stroller and onto their leash; but only if they want to.
Timothy A. Bear
Haters Gonna Hate, but with a cat stroller.
Cat-sadness is the loneliest sadness of them all.
That looks kinda cool. I would like to take my cats for a walk in a stroller.

What....what are you looking at?
Syd Midnight
When you prop your front door open to carry in groceries and stuff, a lot is riding on how nervous your indoor cat is about running outside. I wouldn't risk it.

But the cat exploration capsule is pretty cool.

Rodents of Unusual Size
I wonder how many people have thought, 'oh how cute, he has his ba-oh. OH. Um..Okay.'
Wonko the Sane
Special thanks to:
Mr. Dan
Ms. Angel
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