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Desc:Baby sloths, eating sloths, sleeping sloths.
Category:Pets & Animals, Nature & Places
Tags:scratching, sloths, better animals, not a cat
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Comment count is 22
Cuteness -- their only natural defense.
Also, altitude and being covered in latrine muck.

When I read the description, I thought you meant that baby sloths were eating other sloths, and I became horrified. Minus one star for not delivering (wrongfully) anticipated gore.
Johnny Madhouse
How could you be so dumb.

I read it that way too but for christ's sake give credit where criedit is due!

5 stars alone for the last clip.

he just had a look like "You can find all this and more, at Aviaro Sloth Orphanage"

I'm a sloth."

Tonight on Sloth Masterpiece Theater.....

he's the Orson Welles of sloths.

Banal Intercourse
"You are in the presence of..."

"The all knowing..."

"The all seeing..."

"Sloth!! M'ehhhh!!"

That's what I thought of the last clip, at least.

"And that's our show, gentle viewers. Good night, and God bless."

Freeman Gordon
More like enlightened Zen Buddhist sloth gives profound look to bypassers.
Slow down, you're moving too fast
You gotta make the morning last...
split tail
the epitome of laziness!
Dread Pirate Roberts
Have to admire Sloths though They don't move much at all, and when they do, it's slowly. They are the epitome of living green. Conserve that energy, boys!

Five for apathetically reaching for your face horror sloth. It's like they're perpetually one and a half beers from passing out.
If I had to be something other than human I would pick to be a pampered sloth. Just take it eeeaaassssyyyy....
I TELL people that I'd be a honey badger, to be nature's biggest bad ass.

But I'd really be a lazy-ass sloth.

Sloths pretty much have it figured out.
This made me far happier than it had a right to.
I want the one at the end to teach me the ways of the force.
What happens when you give a sloth amphetamines?
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