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Desc:Animatronic dinosaur suit; semi-dupe (of cellphone-cam @ Whitesox game)
Category:Science & Technology, Sports
Tags:baseball, Memphis, pitch, trex, throws like a girlasaur
Submitted:Daddy Warcrimes
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Comment count is 10
Urkel Forever
That seem to bore all ten of the people in the stands.
Was (Not Was) will never do better than "Hello, Dad, I'm in Jail".
When I first found out they were the ones who recorded "Hello, dad, I'm In Jail" I couldn't believe that song was done by the same band that made crap like this.

This is about as animatronic as the human legs jutting out from below the stomach...
Mike Tyson?!
Why can't they at least put black leggings on the guy first?
Stop it baseball, stop making me dislike dinosaurs.
Memphis is Tennessee's primary exporter of sadness.
AND institutionalized racism!

PS: Never thought a dinosaur throwing a baseball would be so baring I wished I was dead.


Whatever. This video doesn't deserve good spelling

James Woods
Infinitely more exciting than baseball.

Coincidently, infinitely less exciting than Walking With Dinosaurs Live which I strongly recommend if it comes in to your town.
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