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Desc:This is actually from 2002 but it's held up pretty well
Category:Humor, Video Games
Tags:Street Fighter, mega64, ign, Marvel vs Capcom
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Goethe and ernie
Oh God, the explosions.
High school in 2002... Gawddamn I'm old.
I haven't laughed this hard since the Nixon funeral.
Unmerciful Crushing Force
Carmen San Diego in a fighting game is a good idea. I want that in my inbox yesterday.
WHAT?! I'm supposed to believe this is from 2002, but it's got songs from Muse's Absolution, which EVERYONE KNOWS was released in 2004?! FUCK YOU GUYS! JUST FUCK YOU!
Goethe and ernie
Nobody likes Muse except fat internet peo... Oh.

I'm fat internet person then.

Hey and Twilight fans, shitbird.

fat bat man
Iceman is just a guy in a white shirt.

You know in high school those guys sure were able to find a lot of adults willing to dress up in silly costumes and pretend to be super heroes.
between Wolverine's intro and Jubilee's "I never lose! I about died.
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