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Desc:She used to call herself 'Arapaho'. Far too awesome for 73Q and NSFW language.
Category:Arts, Stunts
Tags:dirty south, memphis blac, smokahontas jones, arapaho, got dat work
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Comment count is 13
what I learned about the south

it's shiny
the hookers are fat
actually many of our prostitutes are basically the human equivalent of tapeworms

love the hip hop videos where they're talking about all they money they've got that are filmed on home video cameras
teenage mutant lisa turtle
Memphis Blac would make hilarious faces during sex
smokahontas jones would make really scary ones, i wouldn't be man enough for the job

The aliens from Batteries Not Included are literally a plague upon the South.
My 5 are for you, for mentioning the "little guys".

My god... the lens flare effects...
Needs "butts" tag
Native Americans are truly at the bottom of the racism ladder
Well, they wouldn't be if they weren't such lazy, superstitious, backward drunks.

Jet Bin Fever
Brutally sexy.

5d and favorited!
what is it about this type of video camera that makes any attempt at making a music video pathetic?
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