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Desc:reason 1,205 why this festival sucks
Category:Arts, Nature & Places
Tags:WoW, hippies, watertruck
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Comment count is 22
oh look hippie dick
Correctin: NAKED Hippie Chases a Water Truck at Burning Man

If the fact that he was a hippie at burning man running didnt clue you in there's no hope.

Urkel Forever
I've never been to Burning Man, but if I were there I probably wouldn't have been wowed at all like this. Naked hippies running by to make a spectacle of themselves would be a dime a dozen I assume.
Wasn't this a scene in Life of Brian?
Hey, at least he's bathing.
No, he's being a free spirit. He's going to roll around in the mud.

I'm surprised there haven't been any NO WAY BURNING MAN RULES CAUSE OF DRUGS AND FIREWORKS comments. Yet.

Adham Nu'man
Yeah I also totally hate it when weirdos go out into the desert where they can be loud and have fun without bothering anyone.

I'll be the guy. You folks assume much and know little. I still challenge folks to just go once and see if they still hate it.

How does one find 1,205 reasons to hate Burning Man? You'd think after reason 50 they'd go home. Unless they've never been. Why would someone use their imagination to visit a place they didn't want to go? It seems a waste.

I went to a regional burn. It was awesome.

Drugs and fireworks rule. Also, naked people rule. Video loses a star for no drugs and fireworks.

Robert DeNegro
The "NON POTABLE" clearly written on the side of the truck should be ample warning for those with even nominal brain function that perhaps bathing in grey water (barely-treated disposed municipal bath and laundry water) is not ideal hygene.
And he looks like a guy clearly obsessed with hygiene, so I, for one, am shocked.

Adham Nu'man
You first worlders are real pussies.

The water gets sucked out of frog pond. -2 stars because the hippie didn't get run over. Burning Man does suck. But if you have never been you should go anyway. Used to be a bunch of SubG, cacophony types just getting together but 15 years ago it got taken over by a bunch of fuck wad hippies and ravers. Everyone I know now hates it. Only reason to go is if you get paid.

I think that's actually Iraq
He looks like he's in shape. I'm gonna say he's a rasta not a hippie.
is there a fitness program in rastafarianism?

Starting from the Ital diet.

70% of people who watch this video don't notice the dancing naked hippie! Science fact!
so, a nsfw tag or something?

that guy's pretty naked
You might want to make a rule to not view any videos of Burning Man at work.

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