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Desc:Chris Miller will unleash the allied forces on the trolls.
Category:General Station
Tags:crazy, drugs, trolls, the allied forces are in his head
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Comment count is 14
There used to be a graying tower alone on the sea.
You became the light on the dark side of me.
Love remained a drug that's the high and not the pill.
But did you know,
That when it snows,
The Mothership
Yea, this was run of the mill until the Seal started seeping through.

Hubba Bubba Nightmare
Took the words right out of my mouth(well fingers)

I just thought it was funny that when he started talking about "unleashing the allied forces", 'Kiss from a Rose' began playing. This guy has the song from the Batman Forever soundtrack behind his fury.
Wow, I must have posted that at the exact same time as MaulLove. Well anyway, point remains.

What is he, vlogging from a Subway? That more or less wraps around the respectability meter --> I almost have respect that.

Presently awaiting reports of an army of dudes with melted-cheese sandwiches springing out of Subways nationwide with brickbats and attacking whoever just unleashed the pain.

And +1 for talking over his wrist the whole time.
His wrist, like his tiny penis, just hangs there limply.

I don't think it's a Subway, it looks like a Burger King from the signs.

Something, Something, Something Dark Side.
Every internet threat should have Seal playing in the background.
Every internet threat should contain the words "It's so on right now".

Syd Midnight
I'm sure this guy and his allies made short work of 4chan

This guy is pretty sad. He went to a mental hospital and now he owns a gun. He's going to hurt himself and somebody, eventually.
What kind of pathetic dumb fuck makes a video at Hardee's? Oh wait, this guy.
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