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Desc:lady explains about what kind of vampire she is
Category:Humor, General Station
Tags:hippie, Vampires, thunderstorms
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Comment count is 33
ad was for second life. be a vampire.

Doctor Arcane
I'm not watching 10 minutes of this shit.
Syd Midnight
First 13 seconds is okay, kinda goes downhill then

Your energy levels are at their lowest when you don't eat right. Five bucks say she's a vegan, five more say whenever she goes out "to be with people", she ends up going to a cafe and eating sweets.
Unless by "cafe and eating sweets" you mean "Denny's and drinking coffee", I'm afraid you are very unfamiliar with vampires in their natural habitat.

Doctor Arcane
I'm pretty sure I'm a caffeine/alcohol vampire.

Dr. Lobotomy
Fucking water-sucking elemental vampires are all over the place.
There is so much boundless babbling bullshit here that it makes one cross-eyed to fathom its depths.
i'd hit it.
Eroticus E
And the question "which one of you fat, lonely, basement-dwellers makes a sexual comment" is answered in good time.

asian hick
everybody was thinking it.

No just you two.

I'm a porn vampire.

Frank Rizzo
boney knees

Pretty sure he meant he'd physically assault her.

Oh, shut up, E, you just got beaten to the punch.

also 9:40 - fake O face.

This had everything.

I vant to suck your rivers.
Lauritz Melchior
You'll apologize if I didn't watch the entire video, but isn't elemental vampirism kind of like being a living organism? You take energy from the planet and from nature? Photosynthesis through eating bacon.
I'm an oxygen vampire

It's sort of like that, but there are specific things about it that you wouldn't understand unless you're from northern CA.

So what, they're hella vampires?

I don't know about you guys, but I vampire the shit out of carbon all the time.
I've seen tons of crazy in my time, but I am still genuinely shocked by the stupid every time.
Doctor Arcane
Back in my day, vampires were dirty goths who cut themselves. Fucking kids.
Is elemental vampirism a cross between Twilight and The Last Air Bender?
if only it were that simple. It's more like Reiki gone bad or evil tai chi if you will, mixed with some misunderstood yoga bullshit and some neutered classic greek elements.

"So something hit me smack dab in the middle of the forehead yesterday." Unfortunately it wasn't a wooden stake.
It did seem to leave a dent, at least.

Adham Nu'man
Deep thoughts.
Girl, don't think too hard, just fan-fic the whole thing.
My vampire element is "heart"
Two minutes in, and she's still explaining that she is going to explain it!
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