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Desc:1:41 to 1:47 = hilarious.
Category:News & Politics, Classic TV Clips
Tags:fox news, Scandal, Black Panthers, Department Of Justice, Voter Intimidation
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Comment count is 12
It was a Penn kid who shot the video.
Herr Matthias
What area of Philadelphia (50% black, 80% democrat) would you hang out in if you wanted to "intimidate" large numbers of white Republicans? Probably not 16th and Fairmount.
Now we'll never know how many people in North Philly would have voted for McCain/Palin!

Philly's all about costumes for some reason. Can anyone confirm that there's still a a Nation of Islam -ish group with a dude dressed up as Sub Zero at Girard and Broad?

Herr Matthias
I don't know about Sub-Zero, but the Black Israelites are definitely still hanging out by Market East on Saturdays.

La Loco
Man, crackers are some sore losers.
Robin Kestrel

Fox takes these voter intimidation and disenfranchisement stories very seriously. Since Obama.
At first I was like, WHOAH, FOX NEWS reporting on black people being intimidated and turned away from polling places?!

Then I realised it was exactly the opposite.
Tuan Jim
pajamas media
I really want to fuck her hard.
wtf japan
I think Fox is mainly upset about the fact that some black people care about voting.
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