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Desc:A turtle is jealous of a rock reciving affections of it's mate
Category:Crime, Nature & Places
Tags:fight, turtle, so much chelonian rage
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Comment count is 10
I like turtles!
La Loco
It's a tortoise. Get it right people. There are obvious differences in their appearance. You wouldn't call a donkey a horse would you?
Tortoise? That is clearly a rock.

Actually I'm pretty sure that's a dumpster.

Gamara II
Yeah, turtles have two heads. These are clearly tortoises.

"And when did you decide you wanted to be with a rock? Was it before or after we had dozens of babies? My friends were right about you all along."
way to taglink
"Get off my rock, you bitch!"

Also, after this incident they split up and the male started seeing other rocks and younger females and driving around in a new sports car he really couldn't afford.
You look like a bitch in heat! You look like a Vegas whore! In that tight green thing! I will burn the house down, but not before you BLOW ME!
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