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Desc:police officer dresses as a clown to solicit prostitutes
Category:Crime, Stunts
Tags:Police, Clowns, Cops, prostitutes
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Comment count is 34
This took ENTIRELY TOO LONG to get through the hopper. Shame on you, POETV.
I remember this episode. 5 stars before I even hit play.
The Mothership
I wish more cops answered questions with silly string and a giggle.
Clown Cop, new partner of Axe Cop.
They warn each other about who's undercover, so we're pretending to be clowns. Now if they want to avoid us, they'll have to turn down all the circus business that comes through town! Foolproof.
Me too RocketBlender!
Look at all these fucking retards.
AArgh I just hate everyone involved here.

Hey, I'm going to dress up as a clown and humiliate people poor and desperate enough to sell themselves. I'm going to do this while pretending I'm performing a vital public service and am not just a trumped up, preening, bulling fuck who loves seeing himself on the teevee box.

This is what I thought. Also, it seems like entrapment to me.

Unless they put a gun to your head or trick you into committing a crime for the first time in your life, it won't be seen as entrapment.

There may, however, be something slightly unjust about mocking a drug addict for entertainment value and then coercing them into signing a film release during their arrest. But it's got good ratings, and who can argue with that?

Rape Van Winkle
This made me feel sick.
The problem is that they network in jail. So we have to send them to jail.
Derp I can't enjoy this becaue COPS is racist derp.

:D :D :D
how about a little clown action?

my stars for "Coco Van", which I'll think of every time I see it on a menu
oh, omaha! you're so silly!..
"a real quality of life issue" no shit?
dora's cough
fuck them and fuck this
sending poor people to jail in the most humiliating way possible rofl

i hate to label these people with loaded terms like 'desperate' but yeah i can't imagine this was anyone's first choice and i don't doubt many of them would agree that they could use some help from society

oh well here they are at any rate so why not punish them and make a public spectacle of it that should generate some high priced ad time
Some people just don't understand this site.

Also, who would solicit these girls? Especially the first one. My God.
come on the e is for evil guys

as you clearly can see from the comments, most of these people think this video is hilarious comedy

so yeah maybe you're right actually and i don't understand this site


I am right. Yes.

it's black comedy

yeah no i can see that but it doesn't work for me this time

maybe because this page is full of the kind of scum who this video is trying to entertain

I think you're just being sensationalist and retarded. Agree to disagree?

sensationalist in what way

wtf japan
Git those lumpen-proletarians! Git 'em!
It takes like 20+ cops (all making -60k per year) to bust a few crackheads, meanwhile libraries are closing or cutting back hours due to lack of funds.

There is a cop every twenty feet all throughout Tampa but we have barely any real mass transportation at all.

I'm glad we have our priorities straight. Sometimes I wish I lived in a real city.
there is not one real city in florida. im convinced that peninsula is just a horrible lucid dream.

Magical Man from Happy-Land
god DAMN this is fucking disgusting
Sad but hilarious.
Five for big baby baumer losing sleep over this.
4 stars fir 5:20

"Why, I'm not arrested?"

great defense from a sad lady
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