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Desc:Man with tattoo on face explores the socio-politico implications of something or other.
Category:News & Politics, Nature & Places
Tags:Racist, D&D, samuel jackson, variablast, dragon lance
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Comment count is 19
A co-worker told me that half-orcs were removed from one of the AD&D versions because there was something crypto-racist about orcs being the "negroes" of the AD&D world. I dunno...
That makes elves white people and humans Hispanics. *brain explodes*

Who are the Asians?

The dwarves are Scots, the humans are Brits and Americans (Canadians too?), the elves are Asians, the orcs are a mix of northern European and Native American, half orcs are black people, halflings are irish, gnomes are Jewish, goblins are Mexicans, bugbears are Croatian, trolls are Australian whites, Basilisks are Brazilians, Skeletons are Ethiopians, walking armors are Norwegian, rust monsters are Arabs, Yetis are Eskimos.

There, I've offend as many people as my drunk brain can immediately think of. Goodnight.

To be honest RPG's are a lot less racist then when I was a kid. Now the done thing seems to be "we humans suck" guilt trips and such.

For a huge nerd with facial tats he seems like he would be good fun to play D&D with.


The world of Tolkien is completely racist. Of course it's completely racist. It's the embodiment of WWI xenophobia and a work of art meant to purify a tormented generation's desire to return to an innocent and naive Britain. It's also an expression of the melting away of classes that might have been the only good effect that the war had on the battered island.

My grandpa was upper class, just as Tolkien was, and he saw his tank crew burned to death before his eyes. He was wracked with class guilt and responsibility for those that served, just as Tolkien was. It's really part of the genius of the Lord of the Rings.

Go further; it traces back to old Nordic systems and viking mythology.

To large, burly white barbarians (who were the Ffolk), Asians were the fine featured elves, the short and ruddy people of upper Africa/lower Mediterranean were dwarves.

I have here this flow chart based on the characters in the factual historical documentary '13th Warrior' to explain racial purity to you gentleman, and I am quite sure you will agree to save all of your daughters for me in order to preserve the bloodlines of the Gods...

The forces of light fighting the forces of darkness is very cliched but it's not racist. The night is dark and full of shadows and predators, the day is safe and full of berries and sex. These are just simple human fears and desires.
Fatback Jack
Meanwhile at China Mieville's Eberron campaign...
Robin Kestrel
So deeply racist he can't even express it.
Fantasies written by awful white people reflect the mentalities of awful white people? FILM AT 11.
Oh, p.s. LOTR wasn't racist at all. Even Cracked debunked that, Baleen. It was about WW1-WW2 though. The Germans and industrial revolution were the Orcs (very easy to see, especially the Ent's scenes). The elves were the Aristocracy and the death of aristocracy. The dwarves were actually ignorant peasants caught in between.

Hobbits were, quite obviously, the innocence of children.

As for racism? The culmination of the story is about different cultures-races putting aside their squabbles to defeat an industrialized foe. People who cry racist didn't read the books and got their panties in a knot over the scenes with the giant elephants in the movies.
I fail at replying properly, and everything else like usual.

D&D resembles religion so much that it has its own version of Poe's law.
Uh huh, well here is a counter argument- Wood panelled basements are racist. Now take 4d6 damage!
Louis Armstrong
Thats a nice spell. School of Abjuration right?

Also I am having flashbacks about my enjoyment of Othello destroyed by being forced to write down all the passages that mentioned light and dark... ugh. Some real KKK shit, there.
Naw, F.A.T.A.L. is racist.
Rape Van Winkle
Hello? Police? I think I've been trolled.
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