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Desc:Vintage ad for a vintage beer
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Advertisements
Tags:beer, home movies, mcguirk, kangaroo, jax
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Comment count is 14
Voted it up basically just to point out the incredible resemblance to Home Movies, and there it is, already in the tags. A couple times the kangaroo even sounds like H. Jon Benjamin. Uncanny.
It's time to pay the price!

That is exactly why I submitted it, yes. Apparently the production process for this ad was pretty similar to how Home Movies was produced, too!

Yeah, I was going to request a McGuirck tag.

Done and done. Better than the stupid unlinked joke tag I had.

Caminante Nocturno
She's clearly hitting on him, and the "kangaroo in a girl suit" is his way of telling her he's interested.
Killer Joe
It's better than those "old people falling in love over instant coffee" commercials from the 90s...

I thought she was totally going to kiss him for a second

Chicks just dig that backwards genitalia!

Mike Nichols and Elaine May.

Those are two careers that had rather different outcomes.
La Loco
Spit Spingola
This was amazing.
Jax Brewery building is still called that in New Orleans, right near the French Quarter. Course now it's like a mini-mall and has a ton of crap stores in it. Still, good spot to park.
No Mike Nichols and Elaine May tag?
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