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Desc:Ei ole helppoa iskeš naisia rannalta
Category:Humor, Nature & Places
Tags:arts, beach, Datsun, handsome, tykylevits
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Comment count is 9
Chris-Chan has donned a false beard and started attending a language class..?
You. Get out.

God, I just love everything about this guy!

But especially love that ending.
Hammer Falls
This man has at least four videos here. How is tykylevits not a linked tag yet?

Argh! Fixed.

From Wikipedia:

Perkele is the supreme god associated with thunder in Finnish mythology, like Thor/Tor from Norse mythology. Perkele was referred to with a variety of names, including Ukko "the Old Man" and Ylijumala "the Supreme God." In modern Finnish perkele is a common swearword.
- This is a sex show, for women.
- Take me baby, I am yours
- Am I handsome?

- May I kiss your hand, Madam?

- Oh god damnit.

- Bye. I'm going over there for a bit.

Oh crap, I forgot this site deletes anything in less- or greater than symbols.

Add these to the blank spaces:

[thumbs up]


[yanks the hand]

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