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Desc:Snacks for days.
Category:Advertisements, General Station
Tags:black people, audible chewing, bootleg pizzas
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Comment count is 11
If this goes over well, there's some great stuff in the related videos, because apparently this is a thing.
Oh, and if it doesn't: fuck you.

Been Had Polo is definitely worth a look.

THOSE ARE NOT GOOD PIZZAS. you poor lost soul.

also: been had diabeetus.
This is what the escaped North Korean guy masturbates to.
Yeah, I just watched that. This is disgusting now.

same here. someone should send that video to this guy.

Snacks for days? He's got enough junk food to supply a bomb shelter.

He certainly hasn't 'had' his indoor voice, that's for sure.
i had to look up "been had"

after years of being on the cutting edge,
i've officially lost touch with black culture now.
This made me crack up the entire video. Is 'been had' videos a meme now? There are a dozen similar videos in the related at the end.
Been Had is a several years old meme. It became ascended when it was parodied on Attack of the Show and Tosh 2.0 and is pretty old now.

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