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Desc:It's a tribute to a custom Warcraft server! How unfortunate for you, Xenocide.
Category:Crime, Video Games
Tags:warcraft, xenocide, Videos found while searching POETV usernames week
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Comment count is 5
Creed, what we love and what we do
Well that was boring.

Can the whole username result thing just die already? What is wrong with just posting an accurate title of something? Who gives a fuck whose pretend internet name it triggers in a search?
you assholes made me agree with fabio

Then I guess it makes you a stupid douche like FABIO.

I seem to remember when poeTV was nothing but Bevis and Butthead videos. Someone got their pussy in a twist about it and, if I remember, FABIO was one of the users that told them to STFU about it.

So FABIO, I say to you, keep up the great work. Your impotent bitching about these videos is why I still click on them.

P.S. Somebody get a video search based off a username that's entirely anime.

Oh God, the tears that will fall down his fat face will be glorious!

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