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Category:Educational, Horror
Tags:guns, 21 foot rule guy, Pekiti
Submitted:Mr. Bad Example
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Comment count is 13
someone else did it first

five for the folding revolver @ :38, ive heard of those but never actually seen one. figures 21 foot rule guy would be the one to enlighten.
Am I the only one surprised he didn't pull a pistol out of his ass?
Sudan no1
at least one of them was saddled neatly between his cheeks.

The submitter also works as the description.
At least one of those knives is made by Cold Steel. I'm not surprised this guy has a Cold Steel knife.
didnt you see his shower blade??

Oh yeah, i forgot about that. He also has a plastic knife made by cold steel.

He's in bad shape if he ever gets pulled over by the cops with those Jorts on.

"Oh, I can explain the abundance of guns, officer. I put on the wrong jorts to leave the house. These are my gun jorts, not my driving jorts. I left my license and registration in my driving jorts."
I think he's in bad shape if he just tries to walk anywhere with them on. He will leave a trail of guns and knives as they fall out of his jorts.

So glad I don't live near this guy. He's going to murder an old lady and say he thought she had a gun.
Jorts are apparently clown cars for weaponry.
Testicles of Doom
I'm actually afraid to walk the streets now.

Not because a person like this is carrying all these weapons, but I'm afraid I might run into a second person who wears a T-shirt with a drawing of pubes on it.
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