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Desc:eyelashes for your car
Category:Fashion, Advertisements
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Comment count is 27
This must be something like the final project of a high school business class.

As far as stupid products go, I have seen worse from those fairs.
If this is a High School Project it has one of the most real looking websites I've seen: http://www.carlashes.com/

The Carlashes are per pair and the Crystal Eyeliner is a pair. All you need is and your car will look like a no good hussy.

I read somewhere that "car people" process cars with the same part of their brain that processes faces in normal people. I guess this is just a logical next step.

Unfortunately, the end of this sequence is a fleshlight in the tailpipe.

The front and rear of cars made in the last 20-30 years look like faces by design, I assume.

Hahah! What a bunch of shit.
Caminante Nocturno
Some people clearly have more money than they deserve.
Anime fans, for one.

Caminante Nocturno
I can tell you from personal experience that anime fans do not have nearly as much money as they deserve.

Maggot Brain
These will look great with my fake bull testicles.

Why would you want your car to look like a whore?
Adham Nu'man
While I admit this is pretty tacky, please extrapolate on the whole makeup=whore thing.

Because women wear it. I don't understand your confusion.

Over exaggerated to the point of cartoonist makeup. They put flipping press on eyelashes on a car, why do you associate with this enough to be offended?

Also, what's this sexist makeup = women bullshit? Both genders wear makeup.

Caminante Nocturno

Shut up.

Makes your car look like an adorable Pixar character while simultaneously warning other motorists that there is a woman behind the wheel.
My car will love this! He's such a queen.
Also, how is this not from Japan?
Caminante Nocturno
Oddly enough, headlights in Japan are much bigger than they are in America.

I want to see someone put those on a Hummer.
Better yet, I want to see someone put it on someone else's Hummer.

Meatsack Jones
I have to admit, on the VW Bug, if you are girl who actually likes having a flower on your dash, this may work.
Binro the Heretic
Meh, I'd rather see these on the road than more Truck Nutz or spinning rims.
Sanest Man Alive
Now I want to see these with Truck Nutz and spinning rims.

Honest to god, i was genuinely considering installing this trifecta on my Vanagon.

The Mothership
There is a VW bug in my town that has these.
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