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Desc:How to Get Free Ketchup Condiments & Save Money Funny Joke DIY
Category:Educational, Stunts
Tags:condiments, cereal marshmallows, free stuff, petty theft, boldness
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Sudan no1
I can't wait to see these tards these tards inspire on Hoarders.
Sudan no1
*the tards these tards

excuse me

SFW Fetish?
I hope these folks are doing it as a goof.

Driving around town for an hour and half so you can avoid paying for condiments?

What am I saying? I'm obviously a poor-ass idiot for paying for these things like a sucker. I mean, look at their house and cars.
And just think: if they spent the same amount of time working a minimum-wage-paying job, they could've just bought twice as much ketchup for themselves...
So how much did they spend on gas doing this?
According to the EPA, depending on a few variables, somewhere between half to just over a full gallon of gas per hour is used just idling. Where they are looks hot, so he was probably blasting the a/c (with the top down). I think around -8 in fuel would be a reasonable estimate. which just happens to be about the cost of a few basic condiments under a generic brand label (ketchup, mustard, mayo, bbq sauce, ranch, at just over a bottle, average). minus a whole hell of a lot of packaging.

I'm pretty sure this is a joke, and I found it pretty funny (though unintentionally so, like daniel songer; they are trying to be funny, and they are, but not in the way they think they are). Their house looks way to clean to be collectors of mountains of crap, though the man is full of enough adipose tissue in the face reason to convince me he is most definitely a frequent purveyor of fast food restaurants.

dear terrorists: please add these people to your hit list thanks much
Dread Pirate Roberts
Love how he introduces the concept three times before getting to the point, and then shows off the stuff three times at the end.
This is the reason Taco John's won't give me taco sauce with my order unless I specifically ask for it. Thanks for all the dry damned tacos, dude. Glad you saved yourself five bucks for only 2 hours of your time and ten bucks in gas.
These people vote republican and don't believe in social security or unemployment benefits. I guarantee it.
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