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Desc:World travel show starring a xenophobic borderline-retarded Mancunian.
Category:Humor, Nature & Places
Tags:Ricky Gervais, white people, travel, karl pilkington, An Idiot Abroad
Submitted:Syd Midnight
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Syd Midnight
His naivety makes Ricky Gervais laugh hysterically, so Gervais arranged for a world travel show for the purpose of making Karl befuddled, frightened, and upset.
So cruel, but so amusing.

Hahahah he thinks the emergency light is a radio.

His fears about actually liking toad and not being able to get it at home almost seem like progress somehow.
"Right, get the brick."

I like the Ricky Gervais Show, yet didn't have high hopes for this. The funniest parts aren't Karl, but the others making fun of him. But this is pretty good.
I would watch this, I would tape this, I would buy a Blu-ray DVD of this.

He's just such a good-natured idiot you can't help but love him.

Feels Chineesy.
The McK
A valuable lesson learned.

I'm actually looking forward to the next episode.
He is so genuinely naive it's adorable.
Syd Midnight
A lot of people seem to think he must be an Ali G kind of character, but if you observe him for a while he is never not 100% sincere. That's why he's adorable.

wtf japan
I can't figure it out. There's not a comedian or a genuine fool out there who can be so consistently funny. I have just as hard a time believing the one as the other.

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