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Desc:Brutal fight scene between the two first ladies of HK Girls With Guns cinema.
Category:Classic Movies, Stunts
Tags:hong kong, Kung-Fu, yukari oshima, moon lee, fighting madam
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It's been an age since I've seen this film and I'm still struck by how brutal this particular fight is, it's a very visceral viewing experience. A lot of these "girls and guns" HK flicks were cheap but satisfying; what they lacked in production polish they more than made up for in the intensity of the fight scenes.
I love Yukari Oshima. I don't really know that much about Hong Kong martial arts film, but I don't understand why her star never took off. She seems far smoother, more refined, and more intense a martial arts performer than most of the women that make it big in that type of filmmaking.
Yukari's easily the most talented of the Girls With Guns stars, as much as I love Moon Lee too. She's tragically underused in a good chunk of the films she stars in; she steals the scene in practically every one she's in. Her villain character in this one was a gleefully wicked joy to watch.

I actually flinched at parts of this. This is like if Tom and Jerry violence had consequences.
2:38... I don't think physics work like that.
holy sweet baby jesus
Fucking hell that was brilliant. I especially like 1:50-1:55 where you get an almost breast shot tease followed by a convincing swing-slam.
SFW fetish.
I've got your bechdel test right here...
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