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Desc:I had no idea this game had a big enough release to even get a commercial.
Category:Video Games, Advertisements
Tags:NES, domestic abuse, caveman games, cavemen and dinosaurs living together
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Comment count is 7
We need to get "cavemen and dinosaurs living together" linked, and then start on "goats eat tin cans."
With the dominance of Christianity in our culture, I am shocked that "cavemen and dinosaurs living together" doesn't have 400 videos linked to it.

Cavemen and dinosaurs didn't live together because there were no dinosaurs, god just put fossils in the ground to test our faith.

You're a retarded idiot, Old Zircon.

The Creation Museum *clearly* presents a 100% accurate historical recreation of Adam and Eve frolicking with dinosaurs (and notes that this was safe because they were all docile vegetarians before the Fall).

Your ignorance disgusts me.

Which creation museum have YOU been to? I went to the San Diego one. PLEBE.

I still have my copy of Caveman Games. Talk about button mashing. I had to buy a third party controller with a rapid fire mode just to do the dino vault.
Caminante Nocturno
When this came out, the mate toss was considered the raciest thing on the NES.
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