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Desc:A rally team suffers a sudden and somewhat embarassing accident
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Sports
Tags:rally, ass, wrc
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Comment count is 13
no fucking way.
Op in ze asshole of trrreamon.
I'll start watching NASCAR when this happens to Dale Jr.
Can't stop laughing at the gesture
"up in the ass of Timo:" priceless.
murph the surf
Yes, the old "somthing bounced up into his undercarridge" line would be appro.
Just in case you don't understand what happened, he does the hand gesture.
j lzrd / swift idiot
That last frame needs to be a fucking Superfister sig picture. Cannot stop giggling at this.
Yeah that's a helluva stone if it was really as big as his fist! Timo is going to be walking funny for a monht.

-2 because I was expecting a circus freak protest going amiss.
I can't tell if the driver is pissed at the navigator, or at the stone, or what.
I thought he shit himself. Turns out it was the exact opposite.
Oh Mr. Grönholm, your english never fails to amuse me.
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