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Desc:Luts and luts of Chucolutes.
Category:General Station
Tags:pocky, sweets, black black, Japanese Supermarket
Submitted:Macho Nacho
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Comment count is 14
I'm a little disappointed he didn't do the more disgust-... er... gourmet snacks like whole, dried, baby sardines; whole, dried, baby crabs or deep fried quail eggs but at least he got the dried squid.
pressed peanut sweepings
Dried squid sounds fantastic.
Jet Bin Fever
And it is.

I like it. Its like fishy jerky.

I had some once and it was really heavily spiced but tasted great. The only problem was that the fin part was still on them and too tough to eat, so my dog got those bits.

Shrimp-flavored chips are decent. That is all.
looks more like an archipelago...

its aisle.
Macho Nacho
There's nothing spelled wrong here--

Oh...well then...

...Thank you

the Japanese snack isle is actually Shikoku
actually, that would be the liquor isle

astropod five
Black Black doesn't actually have nicotine in it, it' just B vitamins.
also, caffiene.

Wheres the part where he starts growing the prawn arm?
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