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Desc:Yes, this was actually aired on a sketch comedy show!
Category:Classic TV Clips, Arts
Tags:SCTV, violin, Catherine OHara, Eugene Fodor, Bazzini
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Billy the Poet
Good fiddlin'
He has a lucrative career as a pinch fiddler for Satan.

This is one hell of a high brow parody of all those scenes made in the movies and pictures 40's and 50's where they would cart in a world class musician and everyone would melodramatically sit around them in the parlor listening in formal wear.
Oh and it's more specifically a parody of a Joan Crawford movie - but they did this all the time for a lot of movies.

Caminante Nocturno
The only thing more impressive than Fodor's violin is O'Hara's Crawford.
Fid-dle make ears hurt! Me strong, me break.
oh sure, the whole party just HAS to grind to a stop when Smirky McBrillcreem drags out the violin... everybody's too polite to say anything but we're all pretty fed up with him
Goofy Gorilla
I gave the sheet music to a friend of mine in high school and told him it was the All-State excerpt that we had to learn in the next few weeks.

He asked me, pissed-off and red-faced, what the Hell I had given him about ten minutes later.

True story.
Jesus, the subtle gag is that she's sipping cola. Fantastic, if you're a Crawford ironyfag like me.
The huge shoulder pads on Catherine O'Hara.
The joke went entirely over my head, but that's some damned ridiculous playing.
Unfortunately, it was the same for me. I feel very lowbrow at the moment.

Syd Midnight
Second City - the thinker's Not Ready for Prime Time Players

SCTV is airing in Canada again.. they've been showing the really ancient stuff from the 70's. Man, they were pretty raw at first.
Submitted on 10/10/10, is a 10/10.
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