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Desc:It's not that scary.
Category:Humor, Advertisements
Tags:infomania, giant golden tampon
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Uncle Goddamn
Comment count is 9
The last time Infomania's Women's segment had anything even remotely funny on it.
I don't subscribe to the whole "women aren't funny" thing, but come on...a fucking tampon joke?
You know, I really like Sarah Haskins' Target: Women and I enjoyed this other woman's "I am you" parody. But this is just... dull.

Three stars for the door bit because that actually made me laugh.
Caminante Nocturno
I'm sorry that some of you never got over the fact that you weren't pretty in high school, but that's no excuse for supporting shitty comedians.
I like about half of this woman's stuff, but this wasn't all that great.
+1 for being topical (people commenting on Erin Gibson's "I'm You" parody were wondering where she came from and where Sarah Haskins went).
Yeah, I went digging.

It was the second scream that sold me.

I love her videos, because for a bright shining trip down the front page, I'm not the misogynist woman hater of poe, everyone else is.
i can't understand how anyone could rate this more than one star.
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